Saturday, May 28, 2016

Four Years ago today!!!!

5/28/16- Wow, it is hard to believe how much has changed in four years, but one thing that will never change are the events that began this time four years ago. This day marks two very important anniversary's for me.... The last call shift that I worked as a midwife-a career that I loved and the start of my journey through pre-term labor at 26 weeks gestation.

Four years later I have an amazing little family-a husband who thankfully was my rock during this journey, a true miracle who reminds me daily how amazing she is and an incredible job that has allowed me to fulfill my love for my patients but also be the mother that I always dreamt of being.

It may sound crazy but believe it or not, this day is hard....... I was very busy and I remember with each delivery that I managed I kept trying to ignore what I was feeling, but the inevitable was pre-term labor at 26 weeks gestation. The fear that I remember is terrifying but I just remember thinking I want to do whatever it takes to save my babies.

While each year these anniversaries become a little easier, they will always and forever be the start of a very hard time in my life. But I am so grateful that these trials gave me such an appreciation for life and have allowed me to really enjoy every aspect of the blessing that I have been gifted in Taylor Reese.

It's gonna be a rough next couple of weeks b/c the memories of what transpired are painful, but we stronger for them!!!

Enjoying my little family and remembering the lives lost this Memorial Day Weekend!!!!

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