Saturday, May 28, 2016

Four Years ago today!!!!

5/28/16- Wow, it is hard to believe how much has changed in four years, but one thing that will never change are the events that began this time four years ago. This day marks two very important anniversary's for me.... The last call shift that I worked as a midwife-a career that I loved and the start of my journey through pre-term labor at 26 weeks gestation.

Four years later I have an amazing little family-a husband who thankfully was my rock during this journey, a true miracle who reminds me daily how amazing she is and an incredible job that has allowed me to fulfill my love for my patients but also be the mother that I always dreamt of being.

It may sound crazy but believe it or not, this day is hard....... I was very busy and I remember with each delivery that I managed I kept trying to ignore what I was feeling, but the inevitable was pre-term labor at 26 weeks gestation. The fear that I remember is terrifying but I just remember thinking I want to do whatever it takes to save my babies.

While each year these anniversaries become a little easier, they will always and forever be the start of a very hard time in my life. But I am so grateful that these trials gave me such an appreciation for life and have allowed me to really enjoy every aspect of the blessing that I have been gifted in Taylor Reese.

It's gonna be a rough next couple of weeks b/c the memories of what transpired are painful, but we stronger for them!!!

Enjoying my little family and remembering the lives lost this Memorial Day Weekend!!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March for Babies....

3/22/16- It has been a while since I have blogged, but as we have been gearing up for our Fourth Walk as "Team Brady and Taylor" I have had a lot on my mind. Wait.... I always have a lot on my mind- The longing for your baby is a desire that is hard to clear. But boy am I blessed to have a living, breathing, thriving, amazing, and beautiful little MIRACLE here on earth to remind me every day of just how precious life is;)
We have been doing great..... Taylor Loves School, She loves princesses, she loves the playground, she loves reading and writing, She loves her friends........ The kid loves Life!!!  As we have filled out paperwork and are talking of her starting Pre-K in August,  I can't help but bounce back and remember the first day I saw her tiny, transparent body with tubes and wires galore, as her tiny little arms and legs moved around and she took each day in stride. She was amazing from day 1, she fought like a champ, she never acted like a 28 weeker. She and her Brother are truly my Hero's!!! This journey has been one I never imagined, but we made it... and we truly live every day to the fullest.
Thank you Taylor and Brady for teaching daddy and mommy what is truly important in life;)))

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

" 3 years ago Today"

8/25/15-  I will never forget it- We sat side by side with a pillow across our laps and leaned over cradling our precious boy with our arms as he took his last sweet breath. It seem liked everything and everyone was moving in slow motion but really they weren't. I bathed him one last time and dressed him in a precious little outfit with some sweet socks and swaddled him, I was sure that they would remove it all but I just needed to do it. We stared at him and kissed him and told him we loved him as we turned to walk away. I can remember feeling like I might collapse , and I couldn't understand why I was having to leave without my baby and I why I would never bring him home.

Well lets fast forward to 3 years later!!!! The PAIN is still great and we still miss him more than words can say. We talk of our precious Brady Wiles daily and his sister knows him, she thinks that he is "so sweet, little baby Brady". And we know and understand that he did come home, God took him home, whole, complete, beautiful and peaceful. We are so blessed to have known, hugged, kissed, loved and fought for this precious baby. He taught me more about life in his short life than I may ever learn. But one thing for sure, Brady Wiles you taught me how to love your sister unconditionally and to be the best mommy I can be, not taking one second for granted and to love Justin and my family like there is no tomorrow.

Brady I can only imagine just how beautiful you are b/c I know how beautiful you were here on earth. We love you so much buddy and long await the day that we get to spend eternal life with you, until then continue to watch over our little family as you have. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

Mommy, Daddy and Taylor

Saturday, May 30, 2015

" The Day" 3 years later


I am not completely sure that the timeline will ever really get better, I am certain that the chain of events will be with me and a constant reminder to me daily just how blessed I am. But, today is still a hard day as I remember how very scary it was to learn that my body had "failed me and my babies"- PRETERM LABOR at just 28 weeks. This year I showed Taylor where she was positioned in my belly and where Brady was positioned, she thought that was pretty funny. Not really grasping it being that she is not quite "3", she wants a baby in her belly;)) This little girl is amazing.........

She loves "School" and she loves all of her friends there, She loves anything princess, must wear a princess dress daily, loves to sing Old McDonald, B-I-N-G-O, Let-it-Go, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Loves to Count, and loves to write/color/paint, and more than anything she loves to read to her babies (as she holds the book so they can see it and she flips the pages just like her teachers do;)))

We are gearing up for her "3rd" Birthday- I  can't believe that these Precious Babies are almost 3!! Where does time go? 

We Miss Brady more and more as time goes on, we wonder if he would be as outgoing as Taylor, if he would sound like her, or would he be reserved and quiet , just the constant wonder is always there. But we keep his memory alive for Taylor and just rejoice over the two of them and appreciate everyday that we get to have with our precious little Miracle that we have here!

Just like to log my thoughts;)))

Mommy and Daddy love you two so much!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sharing Special Memories and Special people......


Well today I went to celebrate the life of a very special man and his going "HOME"......
I am sharing this in my blog b/c Last Thursday Evening I shared my story of Brady's passing with a Patient whom I had been caring for for 2.5 years!! All I can say is that there was something different about this visit (In a good way)!! The spirit in the room was light and peaceful- we spoke of his life and loss and his love for riding motorcycles and supporting charities and giving back ( Which you all know that I am so passionate about-The supporting organization part/I'm scared of motorcycles)!!! Well to sum it up, it was a great visit of which ended with a big HUG as he thanked me for all that I have done for him and I replied that I felt honored to do so;)) Well Saturday I learned of his passing away while riding his motorcycle!!! It really hit me hard, I felt like he was family- he reminded me of my daddy;)
This may sound silly but I believe that his last visit was for him to say goodbye and I fully believe that he will meet Brady and tell him all about me. I believe that I felt such a strong desire to share my story b/c he would get to meet Brady sooner rather than later!! These are just my thoughts...........

I love my job and I love my patients!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Huge Milestone......

01/21/2015- A Huge Milestone for me.............
I wasn't quite sure when this day would come for me, but it just felt like it was time. Taylor is 2 years and 7 months now, before we know it we will be planning her 3rd Birthday and I just felt like it was time to finally transition Taylor and Brady's room to just Taylors room ( Brady's Closet and drawers had remained untouched until now), But Today we will remove those items and package them nicely. I really didn't remember just how ready I was for him, but today was a great reminder:( The pain swirled back, the heartbreak resurfaced and tears began to flow-But also a sweet reminder of how excited we were to prepare for him. Taylor helped me as we emptied his drawers, she got all of his socks, his towels, wash cloths, burp cloths, etc. Taylor began to notice that a lot of Brady's things were exactly like hers just Blue instead of Pink. It was so sweet, she would go and get her blanket that matched his and her cup labels that matched his and her brush that matched his, and so on..........
While this was a very hard task I felt that it was right, it was a symbol to me that God was telling me it is okay, it is time:)) I can only dream that either one day I may have another son that will be so honored to use all of Brady's Items, and if that isn't so then someone else will have a special child whom I will hand these items down to. I smile when I think of seeing these items being used one day;)
While we continue to talk of Brady and tell Taylor about Brady, we know that she doesn't completely grasp who he is, but I tell you one thing she sure does have a connection with him that we may never fully understand completely. She periodically speaks of him as though she feels him. We went to talk to him at the cemetery, and as we pull in she says " We are here to see Brady"..... Well this particulary time on Christmas Day we went, visited and pack up and we were all pretty quite pulling out and as we hit the Exit, Taylor says out of No where " Brady is Happy"!!!! Justin and I looked at eachother and just smiled and we said Brady is Happy;)) WE KNOW HE IS...... AND SHE CONFIRMED IT!!! There are times that you question your decisions when you are faced with making end of life decisions for your child~~~~~ But there is no doubt, BRADY IS HAPPY!!!!!
Taylor is so much fun.... She is Amazing!! She is Definitely 2 1/2, and is definitely testing the waters, and definitely spending some time in TIME OUT, But I am so grateful that she is doing these things b/c as we know without her strength, will to live and determination she might not have been doing these things. We love you Taylor Reese and look forward to enjoying every stage with you!!!!!
Taylor having a snack and Calling Mandy........ 

                                                         A few of Brady's Things.....
                                                     Some more special items..... 

Friday, December 12, 2014

Two and a Half.......

12/12/14- -Well Today my sweet Taylor is 2 1/2 years old....WOW..... Hard to believe my baby is growing up so fast!! She is so amazing- I look at her everyday and feel so grateful for what I have learned as her Mommy. I appreciate this little girl more than words....I give so much thanks to her sweet Brother Brady who taught me what really matters about life. I'm not saying that I don't get frusturated when it takes me an hour longer to shop, or feel overwhelmed when my house is messy, or feel tired,  but I definitely love and appreciate all of the normal things that go hand in hand with being a mommy!!! Thank you Taylor and Brady for making me the mommy that I am and teaching me so much about life over the past 2 1/2 years!!!

Well Taylor is just rocking along: She still loves baby dolls, She has Four favorite Princess (Sophia, Ariel, Belle, and Cindrella), She loves Mickey Mouse, Cooking and having tea parties are what our mornings off together consist of, She loves to review all of her colors, She loves to tell me her letters and associate with appropriate word (D for Dad, T for Taylor, Z for zoey, K for Kieran), She says in a very exaggerated manner "I'm 2 years old", She gets a few songs mixed up but it is so cute I can't correct it "You wanna Build a snowman because the bible tells me so" (a little frozen and jesus loves me;)))))) We practice gymnastics all the time and she loves class with Mrs Nicole, etc, etc.

This girl blows me away;)))) I am so lucky to be her mommy- I can only imagine how amazing Brady is!!! Boy oh Boy do I wonder everyday.... I out of the blue told a patient about him today. I typically wouldn't do that , but you know what it felt so good!!! I love that Boy more than anything and want to tell everyone that I see all about him!! Sometimes I just do.